Certificates in ESOL Skills for Life

    Skills for Life is the government s strategy for improving adult literacy, numeracy
    and ESOL skills in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. From September 2004, all
    qualifications for adult learners of English in the state sector which relate to the strategy
    must be based on the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum ‑ a development of the National Standards
    for Adult Literacy ‑ and accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

    In response to these requirements, Cambridge ESOL is offering the full range of Certificates
    in ESOL Skills for Life. These qualifications provide flexible assessment of ESOL learners in
    England, Wales and Northern Ireland, whilst minimising the workload of teachers and
    administrators. They reflect the use of English in everyday life and are fully based on the
    Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.

    The Skills for Life Certificates are:

    • Available at five levels ‑ Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2
    • Wholly externally assessed, by trained and experienced examiners
    • Available on demand to suit the learner and the learning provider
    • Accredited by the QCA and funded by the Learning and Skills Council
    • Available every day of the year, except UK public holidays

    Recognising that the individual s language skills can vary quite significantly in their
    development, the new certificates allow learners to enter for different modes at different levels,
    to accommodate spiky profiles . At each level, learners who achieve a Pass will be awarded
    certificates at mode level from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

    Who are they for?
    The Skills for Life tests are designed for adult (16+) speakers whose home language
    is not English, who are living or trying to settle in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These
    ESOL learners may include refugees or asylum seekers, migrant workers, people from settled
    communities, and partners or spouses of people who are settled in this country for a number
    of years.
    It is expected that the learners educational and employment backgrounds will be diverse,
    as well as their aspirations, literacy levels and language learning skills. This diversity will be
    reflected in the range of material selected for use in these tests and in the task types which
    candidates will need to complete.

    Candidates will encounter topics in the tests which are both familiar and relevant to them
    as learners of English. Topics may include:

    • Personal details/experiences
    • Work
    • Education/training
    • Housing
    • Health
    • Transport
    • Weather
    • Buying goods
    • Leisure
    • UK society

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